Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hall Of Shame

The Mama Bears unhappily present to you the Mama Bear Hall of Shame:

Our first entry is none other than Ms. Silver Lexus Lady. Ms. Silver Lexus Lady (Ms. SLL) has been a pain in our backsides for some time now. You look up "entitlement" in the dictionary and lo and behold, a portrait of Ms. SLL . I got to give to her, though, her kids *are* adorable in their boutique clothes and brand-name shoes. While my kids are rocking a Poverty Barn Kids look, hers are always dressed to the nines. Maybe that's why she thinks she can park in the handicap spots, even though clearly, she doesn't have a handicap parking license plate nor tag. I mean, one wouldn't want to ruin nice shoes on a rainy day. Come on, now. That kid over there who is having trouble walking is wearing a cheap pair of knock-off Crocs. His mom can park out a little further. Exercise is good for a kid, right?

So, Ms. Silver Lexus Lady, we proudly present you in our number one spot in the Mama Bear Hall of Shame. May you one day be ticketed and fined. (If not, then maybe a good tongue-lashing from one of the Mama Bears will do the trick.)